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Improving lives one house at a time.

About Recovered Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Rebuild the lives of the city that was ravaged by the Opioid Crisis by teaching skills that will literally rebuild the city one house at a time.

Skills & Workshops

Recovered Solutions teaches trade and team skills that make people in recovery or people who are at risk into vital job candidate that have a work and moral ethic to see their communities succeed and in turn themselves succeed with it.

Types Of Skills We Teach




Housing and Structure

Rehab / Selfcare

If you are interested in learning a skill and becoming a member of one of our crews please reach out.

We help get you work worth doing!

Meet Our Family

Recovered Solutions is comprised of individuals from the city who all share the same vision, a safer, happier Huntington. Our team is passion driven and goal orientated to help this city and its citizens become stronger together.  

Carol Polan

Board Member

Carol is one of the founding members of Recovered Solutions of Huntington. She knows the challenges the community faces with addiction and the opioid crisis as it touched many families including her own. Carol believes in Huntington as it continues to prove time and time again that it is willing to change and set the standard for intervention, treatment, and aftercare. She helped develop a plan along side of comember Joyce Clark that would grow into Recovered Solutions as it’s known today.

Sandra Clements

Board Member

Sandra is a life long resident of the Fairfield Community.  She is the former District 5 member of Huntington City Council and has served on numerous Boards in the community and in the City, including A. D. Lewis Advisory Board, Cabell Huntington Hospital and the Huntington Housing Authority.  She serves as a Board member of Recovered Solutions.  She knows that the outcome of this program will be twofold:  to restore housing in the neighborhood but most importantly it will offer individuals in recovery and at risk the opportunity to become productive citizens.

Joyce Clark

Board Member

Joyce is a lifetime resident of Westmoreland, having lived on the same street all her life. She have been a community advocate and organizer for over 30 years. She believes that when we see problems in our city, before we complain about them, we must be willing to help find solutions. She has always been concerned with the drug epidemic and its effect on our communities. When the problem hit close to home with the overdose death of her 26 year old neighbor, she knew she had to be more involved in finding solutions.

Anthony Stradwick 

Program Coordinator 

Anthony Stradwick is the founder and director of The Shepherd’s House Recovery Program. He is the founder and pastor of Salt Of The Work Ministries. He Has 23 years of Family Assisted Housing experience with the Rotary Gardens Apartments and Huntington West Virginina Housing Authority. Anthony is a graduate of Marshall University and former Thundering Herd Football player. He is married with a son and four daughters

Charles D. Shaw

Board Member

Committed to serving God, through serving his people in the Huntington and tri-state area. Current Faith Coordinator for the Quick Response Team (QRT) and volunteering for several boards assisting  those suffering from substance use disorder, unemployed, underemployed and those working for the betterment of our community. He is excited to be a part of another program that can help heal his home and community. 

Scott Lemley

Board Member

Scott Lemley is the Director of Planning and Development at the City of Huntington.  He received a B.A. from Marshall University in 2005 and a M.A. from Old Dominion University in 2008.  In 2008 he worked for National Defense University at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA.  After deciding to move back to West Virginia he accepted a position with the Huntington Police Department as a civilian analyst.  Scott’s work led to him receiving the United States Attorney’s Law Enforcement and Victim Assistance Award in 2011 for his help in implementing the Drug Market Intervention(DMI) strategy.  Scott also worked as a Fusion Liaison Officer for the West Virginia Fusion Center.  His work has also allowed him to work on various special projects for the City of Huntington including; helping develop a proposal for the 2012/2017 Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge, the Heads Up emergency and disaster notification system, and the America’s Best Communities competition.   

Our Sponsors

We Would Not Be Able To Do The Work We Do Without The Generosity Of These People. If You Would Be Interested In Joining Our Team As A Company Or Private Sponsor Let Us Know Below.

We Want You To Reach Out To Us

If you are at risk or in recovery and want to help improve yourself by learning amazing skills, please contact us. We want you to know that we are here to help. We want to help you learn how to be the best version of yourself, all we ask is that you help us make our city a better place one house and one home at a time.

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